• Old Eucy Still at Hard Hill

  • Wedderburn Trotting and Hockey Clubs

  • Wedderburn Trotting Meeting

  • Cricket Ground, Engine Park & Mens Shed

  • Wedderburn Walking Track

  • Wedderburn Streetscape

  • Wedderburn Football & Netball Club

  • Wedderburn Bowls Club

The Wedderburn Development Association Inc. began in 2002 when a group of like-minded residents saw a need for a full time nurse in Wedderburn.  The group worked tirelessly to achieve this goal; however, the project was unsuccessful.

Shortly afterwards, the Loddon Shire Council commenced community planning, drawing many communities’ plans from within the Shire into their planning process and creating a vision and priorities for Council operations.

As it turned out, the Wedderburn residents who assisted in developing the Wedderburn Community Plan also represented the Wedderburn Development Association Inc.  The cluster decided to move the community planning task under the umbrella of the association, as it had already been formally established and to save the number of meetings for those involved.

To this day, the Wedderburn Development Association Inc. remains active, meeting monthly, monitoring progress on the 2003/04 Community Plan and providing a continued advocacy role on behalf of the Wedderburn community and the Loddon Shire Council.

As your representative, the Wedderburn Development Association Inc. is pleased to encourage new faces around the table providing new ideas and participating in our activities in building for tomorrow.

Please look through this website for further information about us.

WDA Statement of Purpose

  • Foster a spirit of socio-economic well being for the community of Wedderburn
  • Promote Wedderburn as a great place to work, live and visit
  • Lobby the three tiers of government for funds to improve the economic sustainability of Wedderburn and district
  • Raise and expend funds in the interests of the community of Wedderburn and district
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