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The AGM was held on 28 October and the committee is now represented by

  • Greg Deimos (President),
  • Julie Benaim (Vice-President),
  • Frank Peiffer (Secretary/Treasurer) and
  • Pat Lee (Public Relations Officer).
  • Geoff Maxwell, Thomas Jackson, Leigh Randall, Alison Hargreaves and Robyn Vella were elected as ordinary committee members.

The AGM also adopted an updated Constitution to keep in line with regulatory requirements.


Community Plan progress includes: -

Events Board - a TV has been placed in the Wedderburn Newsagents to display upcoming events in and around town. A static Events Board has also been erected near Randall's Supermarket… so keep an eye out for both to follow new events.

We are investigating the purchase of some substantial exercise equipment to be placed in an accessible public area for all to use.

Town entrance signs was another item in the Plan and we are talking with VicRoads and Council about authorisation.

Arrangements for the 2016 "wedd'rwinefest" is well underway.  The date is 3 June 2016 and we hope to see you there. CLICK HERE for flyer

The WDA continues with its goals of fostering socio-economic wellbeing for the Wedderburn Community, promoting Wedderburn as a place to live, work and visit and lobbying of all tiers of government to improve the economic sustainability of Wedderburn and surrounds. As you can see your committee is keeping busy – but we welcome your new ideas anytime, and please keep in touch with us.

If you would like to join the committee please let us know and we can get together for a chat.

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